About Willy

Willy GannonWilly Gannon

The turning point in Willy’s life was when she developed Fibromyalgia after going through a stressful divorce. At that time, doctors didn’t know too much about it and had prescribed her anti-depressant medication. She decided that was not the way she wanted to go, so since then she has been on a lifelong journey in how to improve her health by studying alternative medicine like Reiki, Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. She learned to overcome her illness by doing exercise, proper nutrition, meditation and yoga.

Willy is a Professional Health Coach and she can help you to create a healthy stress-free life by attending her workshops. Willy has her own studio and has helped people overcome their stress by using Reiki and listening skills to identify what is causing their stress and finding a solution. She can help you to reach your goal, with small manageable baby steps. She believes that all people are naturally resourceful and whole and with her health coaching techniques you will be able to reach your goals to a healthful stress-free life.